Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden HD (Full) App Reviews

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Lots of fun!

Looking for the sequel; love it!

Good game

I found it to be entertaining, but it ends too soon.

LOVED IT!!!!!!!

I enjoyed playing this game so much. It really hooks the player. Full of mystery, it's a great game that will entertain you for a while. I loved how there was a storyline to go along with the journey as well.

Great game!

Fun, challenging, and entertaining. The art is beautiful and the story is engaging. I love that it accommodates lefties, too! I thoroughly enjoyed this game, perfect for long trips, or lounging around. Will definitely be buying more from this company.

Super Duper Game

Took about 2days to complete..... About 5 hours. My iPad battery doesn't last too long anymore!

Way cool with a little scare !!!!

Cool game, great time waster !! Lol Enjoyed playing very much, thank you !!


The abyss was quite enjoyable. The mini games did not leave me feeling frustrated and the plot line was engaging.

Loads of fun!

Spent a entire snowy day playing this. No regrets. Fun and challenging.


This game is not made well. Why in the world would u have a map that doesn't teleport? And u can't lock the inventory box to stay open. There's other things about this game that ticks me off, but the bottom line is don't waste your money on this disaster.

Worth the download

I play a lot of these types of games and sincerely enjoyed this one. It took a while to get through, in which, that is what I look for. The game comes with 3 levels to play, so if you are an expert, you will find this a challenge and if you are beginning, no worries, the hints are easy to follow. I highly recommend it and say it was above average of hardness to solve. The graphics and story continued throughout and you had to solve many different types of puzzles to continue on. Thanks Game 5...cool game and story. Love the very end, btw.

Atmospheric, good story, plenty to do

I enjoyed this game for all the above reasons and more. I'd rank the puzzles/HO scenes a bit on the easier side relative to similar games, but in no way disappointing. Most also felt very well integrated into the story, unlike some other games in this genre. All in all, a very satisfying adventure. Well done.


Great game and eerie story line. This is one of those stories that lasts forever with many twists and turns, leaving you wanting for more. Perfect mix of HO and mini games. Thanks!

Amazing and very challenging 😊

I love this game so much. I got it for my birthday! It's challenging snd crazy fun! I enjoy getting scared and this gave me a few jumps 😅 It's so amazing! Keep up the good work

Great game

I loved it so fun played with it for hours


One of the best games I've played in a long time. It really held my attention. More of this kind would be great.

Relaxing Fun

Good graphics, fun mini puzzles!

Always enjoyable

Always enjoyable. Good graphics. Engrossing stories. Love the gameplay.

Good game!

Very fun.

Fun from start to finish

Very enjoyable. Really liked the map and hints to keep from getting stuck. Everything worked perfectly.

So good I'm playing it again 6 mos later

No tired eyes from a nonzoomable hidden object scene. The mystery keeps my interest & the graphics are beautiful. The story line isn't too dark. Just about a perfect game.

Great game...

Enjoyed it, didn't take a lot of time, and it was challenging...getting it free made it even better!

Very enjoyable

I have replayed it few times challenging myself each time. Looking forward to playing the sequel!


I really enjoyed playing this game lasted me quite a long time on the hard level...!

Awesome game!

This game was a perfect mix of hidden objects and puzzles. The game story flowed so well I couldn't put it down! I prefer puzzle games rather than the hidden object games, but this one worked well.


Excellent game. This is the way a game of this type should be made. Great job. Highly recommended.

Great game, but needs more hidden object finds

Read the title.

Entertaining & Free - the best of both worlds...

Thoroughly enjoyed it. 😎

I couldn't put it down!

These games are addictive! I stayed up until I finished. Love the story line. It keeps me engaged thee whole time. Good job!

What a blast !

Excellent game. Just finished and I'm sad it's over! Very highly recommend. It's a little tricky figuring out what levels you're at from the map, and I did get hung up on what do next in a few spots. Absolutely great game. Graphics are definitely getting better with each game. I always look forward to G5 HOS games.

So fun!

This is a fun, creepy themed game...enough said!


Great story line, graphics and puzzles.


Hours of fun, very challenging, even makes you jump from being startled

Atmospheric and fun

An ideal blend of regular object based puzzles and hidden objects. Difficulty level adjustment is nice and the story is eerie and compelling. Puzzles are logical and not so hard you get stuck too often. Hint feature provides help when you need it. Fun game!

Fun to play

This was a very fun game. It does have the "hidden object" aspect, but there's a lot more to it. It's a pretty fun puzzle as you put the pieces together.

Good game

Well done.

Awesome hidden object/puzzle combo

Great puzzles and game flow. Hidden objects and hints easy enough but can be challenging, depending on level of difficulty chosen. Lots of fun.

Fun game and good story!

I have played many HOA's and this is one of my favorites! Nice balance between hidden objects and puzzles. Good story too! Fun!


Fun game with decent storyline and puzzles.


Great game


Great graphics but keep having to go to "hint" to know what to do next.

Another winner!

G5 games has once again delivered an excellent adventure to occupy the mind and pass the time :-)

Great game


Awesome mind bender!!!

Was sad to see it end...

Has potential

As usual, a rating is requested too early in the game. I do think this game has the potential to be a good one, but I have really only just begun to play. I gave it 5 stars hoping it will live up to my expectations.

G5 Games are always great

Love the underwater theme and hidden puzzles. G5 games are always enjoyable. Thanks for the promo!!

So far... Just OK

Very little tutorial and little to no instruction on puzzles. Not sure this is going to be worth my time.


I like this

iPad user

Great job again, yet another great game. Thank you.

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